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2022 Housing Trends for the Sacramento Area

Stop here for this year’s housing trends in the Sacramento Area mobile

LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION is still heavily relevant in the Sacramento area real estate market today, it just looks a little bit different.

Since 2020, there has been a bit of a shift in what people want in a home.

*Cue some Spice Girls 🎶 “So tell me what you want what you really really want”🎶

With many jobs still remaining at least partially remote, the commute to the office is no longer a top priority for home buyers which is one reason why we’re still seeing so many buyers prefer the ‘burbs. Antelope, Roseville, Rocklin, and Lincoln have remained some of our top requested communities.

Buyers now have more flexibility in the location they choose to call home (aka now they can choose a home because it’s closer to Target vs closer to the office)! After all, they need to go to Target for all the work-from-home essentials required for their new home office space (we’ve recently seen home office space shift from a WANT to a NEED).

While more space is also what people WANT, housing affordability might cross that off the wishlist (or at least knock off a couple of hundred square feet). But remember, bigger doesn’t always equal better! You can still find a perfect size home for your needs!

Lastly, the housing inventory might be improving, but it’s still projected to be limited – womp womp. Combining that with high and rising home prices means the home buying process could still be challenging for buyers this year (BUT 100% POSSIBLE! So don’t give up)!

Just get started sooner rather than later to set yourself up for success!


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